I have to admit that my favorite of all NFL chaplains is George Gregory of the Los Angeles Chargers! George is not just a chaplain, an encourager, a counselor, pastor, mentor, and friend to the players and coaches of the Chargers. He is also a true leader that other NFL chaplains look to for guidance and wisdom themselves. He is a leader of leaders. George is one of those people that you immediately like, you trust, and you respect as soon as you get to know him. He is a man of integrity and with his amazing wife Tondra, the two of them have a very influential ministry here on the West Coast.

Pastor Rick Warren

Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA

“At our recent marriage retreat, George and Tondra did a wonderful job providing our coaches and spouses with very practical tools to lay a solid foundation for a strong marriage for life! I appreciated their transparency and authenticity which made it tangible for us to aspire to have marriage that reflects the image of God.  I know they only scratched the surface. I’m looking forward to having them back next year to serve our coaches.  They were flexible and fashioned their presentation to suit our coaches and their spouses! I love George and Tondra as they truly are a reflection of the image of God!”

Kevin Nickerson

Chaplain , LA Ram

“George & Tondra Gregory are on the front lines of what God is doing around the world for marriages.  Also, they are some of the greatest people on the planet!   George & Tondra have such hearts to add value  and strengthen each marriage on their journey for life.  If you are looking for a couple that can inspire and lift others at your next event, you won’t be disappointed.  We highly endorse and recommend them!”

Clayton and Ashley Hurst

Lakewood Church - Houston, TX

“The Men of Mariners at Mariners Church Irvine had the absolute privilege of having George speak to our men at a men’s breakfast. George has a gift of engaging men in a biblical and engaging way that feels very conversational, loving yet challenging. He went deep with our men and challenged us in our lives, and marriages. George even gave an opportunity for our men to commit their lives to Jesus and we had several men respond. I would highly recommend him to any churches or non-profits as he is a exceptional communicator and caring pastor.“

Tim Lukei

Men's Pastor, Mariners Church - Irvine, CA

“My wife and I have attended seminars hosted by Pastor George and Tondra for the past 3 years now. What a blessing to have two people in our lives that genuinely have a passion for not just couples, but helping couples maintain a healthy marriage. Their ability to share their real life examples of hardship and differences makes the atmosphere one where you feel comfortable enough to REALLY talk about the issues. Every year when we leave, we are inspired and challenged to be more Christ-like by working on attaining the unconditional love He has for us, with each other. I want to be a better husband because of George and Tondra. Together- they are one amazing and thought provoking couple whose relationship you can only pray you mirror.”
Mike and Jesse Devito

#70 DE, Kansas City Chiefs

“George and his wife Tondra are perfect ambassadors to speak on any topic, but they are definitely in their “sweet spot” when they help couples understand relationship dynamics. I highly recommend George and Tondra for speaking, leading and coaching!”

Brent Evans

President, Marriage Today

“George and LaTondra have been an invaluable tool in my ministry to the NY JETS couples for the last three seasons. They provide a well-rounded perspective being a husband and wife team. They communicate deep relational truths in a manner easily relatable and applicable to all. I truly value their unique style of humor and transparency as they communicate timeless principles to both married and dating couples. In an environment like the NFL where divorce has ravaged the ranks of pro athletics (up to 80% divorce rate), George and LaTondra provide practical tools not simply to survive in marriage, but to thrive in marriage!”
Adam Burt

Chaplain, NY Jets

“We had the privilege of having George and Tondra Gregory lead our Couples’ Night Workshop for the NY Giants. They did a superb job of presenting critical issues that determine the health of a marriage. Drawing from experiences they had in their own relationship, George and Tondra related well with the group. I highly recommend them as seminar leaders or as marriage counselors. Their heart for couples and to see marriages thrive is evident in their thoughtful presentation and in their own relationship.”
George McGovern

Chaplain, NY Giants

“George and Tondra were awesome! Their presentations were the highlight of both our men’s and women’s conferences – practical, comprehensive and Spirit-filled life application lessons based on the wisdom of God. Without exception, everyone who attended were blessed by the Gregory’s ministry. Constructing a solid foundation is the key to building any marriage and George and Tondra provided the resources necessary to build a foundation of integrity and authenticity in any marriage. We would love to have George and Tondra return to the islands and look forward to their continued coaching of our families.

Pastor Elwin Ahu

Metro Christian Church - Honolulu, Hawaii

“Going through the pre-marriage class with Pastor George and Tondra has provided us with not only the tools to start our marriage off on the right foot, but they have also shown us how to use those tools. They gave us a platform to discuss common tensions that arise in marriage before they ever became an issue. They’ve shown us how to navigate our way through tough situations, and helped us communicate more effectively with each other. Most of all, they have shown us how God has made Himself known in our relationship and how we can continue to foster a marriage with God at the center.”
Heather & Kyle Stupi

“Thanks for officiating our wedding and being such wonderful and godly examples and mentors for us as we prepared for entering marriage. We often remember and apply everything we learned in your pre-marriage classes.”
Jonathan and Christina Hsu

We really enjoyed the To Have and To Hold Marriage Getaway! Pastor George  and Tondra Gregory shared biblical and practical principles on marriage and the breakout sessions and activities reminded us of why we first fell in love. They provided us with the skills to enhance our communication and strengthen our friendship. Additionally, they reminded us that we are always saying “I do” to each other. We highly recommend this getaway for all couples. Be assured that after attending the getaway, your marriage will be restored and rejuvenated! #IStillDo
Helawi and Brittney Mengistu

“Pastor George and Tondra truly have passion for cultivating successful relationships and marriages. Through their pre-marriage class, the Gregory’s have taught us a successful marriage requires “dying to yourself” and sacrificing for your marriage. They counseled us throughout our engagement, shared in the joy of our marriage (Pastor George married us!), and continue to mentor us as we begin our journey as husband and wife. The continued support of the Gregory’s through prayer, counseling, and guidance gives us more comfort that we will have a successful marriage.”
David and Christina Huang

“The pre-marriage class offered us a ton! We learned that marriage is rewarding yet you constantly have to work on it. We are so grateful for the facilitating couples that we had a chance to connect with. Their examples and experiences were real, refreshing and inspiring. They taught us how to enter marriage with the correct mindset and with the right expectations. The basic principles we learned in our pre-marital class we reference daily in our marriage and in our walk with God.”
Vladimir and Angelica Permiakov

“Pastor George and Tondra are a significant part of our love story. They were our pre-marriage counselors and led a small group for newly married couples that we attended for over a year. We most appreciated their transparency with us both before and after we got married. We have learned so much about how to have a successful marriage from witnessing theirs. They have incredible wisdom and passion for building strong, healthy relationships. We thank God for their willingness to pour into our lives throughout the years.”
Eric & Ashley Yamoah

“I met George and Tondra at a recent professional workshop I was leading and was impressed by them both. Couples are likely to benefit from the combination of their warmth, wisdom and knowledge. Their commitment to helping couples develop and maintain healthy relationships is notable and their eagerness to learn the latest research and tools towards this end is admirable.”
Dr. Suzanne Burger

Psychologist , Marriage & Family Therapist

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