Meet Cecil and Trucle. We have had the pleasure of mentoring them in many areas of their lives over the past 10 years. One such area of mentoring was helping to prepare them for the journey of marriage and building a family. Early this year we received a note from them, giving us insights from their first year of marriage that we wanted to share with you (with their permission of course). Tondra and I do a lot of teaching on marriage and relationship matters, but we are excited to allow one of our mentee couples to share their first year insights and wisdom.

Marriage Insight #1

“As newlyweds, we are learning to live together without “getting stuck” or developing bad habits that might trap us later. “Never go to bed angry” and “always be transparent” are the most common advice we get from married couples like George and Tondra. Easier said than done. In fact, it is often our pride that keeps us from asking for forgiveness or saying three simple words – “I am sorry”. Instead of trying to “fix” the other person, we often have to work on ourselves first. And this too, can only be accomplished by humility and patience.”

Marriage Insight #2

“Despite the many challenges that come with marriage, we can confidently say that marriage is still a blissful blessing. Why? Because the laughs along the way are simply the most fulfilling! We enjoy having each other’s support, creating lasting memories, sharing each other’s dreams, solving problems together, and building a legacy for our children, just to name a few.”

Three Simple Words

I love their perspective. They’ve clearly had a few things to overcome in their first year, but as newlyweds they seem to have a good handle on the reality not to get stuck developing bad habits. Instead, they are learning to embrace new habits and ways in a new marriage and life together. In fact, they’ve even picked up on a huge marriage insight that saves so much hurt and miscommunication in building a life of oneness, “saying three simple words – “I am sorry”.

Did you catch that? It can be so simple yet go over our heads if we don’t take a moment to listen. “I am sorry”.  Learning to say those simple words can be the difference of continuing a war of words which causes hurt and pain which leads to isolation; or simply admitting one was wrong and being able to move on “together” which should be the goal of all our communication.

They’ve seemed to have learned to let go of the not so good moments and capitalize on the things that bring them closer – laughter, supporting one another, creating memories, sharing dreams and building a family that was built to last. We are proud of these two for the first year marriage insights!

Amazing and practical marriage insights from Cecil and Trucle

We hope their story and recap of their first year helps to encourage you on your marriage or relationship journey. We’d love to hear from you. Take a moment and let us know in the comment section below your best marriage or relationship insights. Don’t forget to sign up for our “Journey Today” blog just to your right to receive our latest blog posts as they become available.

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